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We select our herd sires based on pedigree, phenotype, foot quality, soundness, balanced EPDs and the quality of their dam.

  • AAA Registration Number: 18886273
  • Date of Birth: Jan 31, 2017
  • Sire: KG Justified 3023
  • Dam: Bear Mtn Judy 3092
  • Description: We were attracted to this rising star from the ST Genetics bull stud lineup for his EPD profile and strong maternal pedigree. Bear Mountain Angus will calve the first daughters in 2021 and we are anxious to see the first proof of this maternal performance stud.

  • AAA Registration Number: 19518888
  • Date of Birth: Sep 13, 2018
  • Sire: Basin Payweight 1682
  • Dam: Bear Mtn Jamie 1071
  • Description: #8825 was acquired from the 2020 Bear Mountain Angus bull sale, his dam was the $10,000 high seller in their 2018 mature cow herd dispersal. We were attracted to his exceptional depth of body, length, soundness and 6.0 frame size. His pedigree is an outcross to all of our cattle and his EPD profile is balanced and exceptional.

  • AAA Registration Number: 19332923
  • Date of Birth: Feb 1, 2018
  • Sire: ICC Pay Raise 4886
  • Dam: Kramers Evergreen Erica 359
  • Description: #8007 was acquired from the 2019 Kramer Angus bull sale. His dam also produced the $25,000 top selling lot #1 bull in Kramer’s 2015 sale Kramers D9 411, she is a maternal gem from the featured Evergreen Erica cow family at Kramer Angus. 8007 has an outcross pedigree to all of our cattle, he is moderate framed and athletic with a balanced EPD profile. His first calves in 2020 are consistent and impressive.