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At Kiesewetter Angus, we raise quality Angus cattle for purebred, commercial or club calf producers who want sound, functional breeding stock that will improve udders, fertility, quality and longevity.

Our herd is based on the maternal excellence and performance of some of the best Angus herds in the world including Musgrave Angus in Griggsville IL, Kramer Angus in Farina IL, Mohnen Angus in White Lake SD, Schaff Angus Valley in St. Anthony ND, Top Line Farms in Tremont IL, Lynnbrook Farms in Williamsfield IL, Janssen Angus in Earlham IA and Montana Ranch in Bigfork MT.

  • AAA Registration Number: 18194414
  • Date of Birth: Jan 12, 2015
  • Sire: Musgrave Big Sky
  • Dam: SAV Royal Lady 7857
  • Description: Just acquired this great 2 year old cow and her EF Commando heifer calf that were a feature of the 2017 Musgrave Angus production sale. Her picture-perfect udder, maternal body type, size and outstanding EPD profile make her a great compliment to our herd. Her dam is a featured donor cow at Musgrave Angus and is being flushed to the top sires in the breed. We have high expectations for this outstanding young female.

  • AAA Registration Number: 16108506
  • Date of Birth: Dec 30, 2006
  • Sire: Sitz Tradition
  • Dam: Mohnen Ruth 1531E
  • Description: We just acquired this foundation female from the Mohnen/Bon View “Ruth” line that can be traced to the inception of the breed. Her performance record, maternal look, beautiful udder and sound feet and structure will help us produce more maternal performance bulls and herd building Angus females, it’s built in for generations! She weaned a wopper bull calf in 2016, we are expecting 2018 embryo progeny by SAV Renown and she recently produced a pile of embryos by SAV Raindance, we are excited about this cow!

  • AAA Registration Number: 16637967
  • Date of Birth: Mar 17, 2010
  • Sire: S A V Royalty 8471
  • Dam: S A V Emblynette 6019
  • Description: We recently acquired this dynamic SAV donor cow from the Jon Janssen performance herd in Earlham, IA. Jon has progeny working in his herd by SAV International, SAV Resource, SAV Renown and SAV Sensation. She is a typical SAV cow with size, performance, phenotype and maternal excellence. Our first matings will be SAV Renown and Musgrave Stunner.