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At Kiesewetter Anguswe raise quality Angus cattle for purebred, commercial or club calf producers who want sound, functional breeding stock that will improve udders, foot quality, fertility, quality and longevity.

View some of the Kiesewetter Angus Top Cows below as these cows are known for their maternal strength and outstanding udder quality.

  • AAA Registration Number: 17264768
  • Date of Birth: Jan 11, 2012
  • Sire: Soo Line Motive 9016
  • Dam: MCATL Lady Barbara 250-348
  • Description: Maternal, sound and functional with a beautiful udder. This young Lady Barbara female was acquired from Musgrave Angus in Griggsville, IL as heifer calf and has earned her donor cow status the hard way, she earned it. Her flush by Dameron First Impression produced the second top selling heifer and a $4,000 steer in our online sale. Her flush by SAV Resource produced two really stout bulls for our 2018 bull sale, a steer that sold at the Lamoine Valley Sale and a beautiful heifer that will be retained in our herd. Her natural bull calf by SAV Seedstock will be in our 2018 bull sale. Her 2017 SAV Resource daughter will sell in our 2020 production sale with a calf at side. Her 2019 daughter by SAV Cut Above has been retained in our herd as a top level replacement female. She is currently working in the Cole Cunningham herd in Princeville, IL

  • AAA Registration Number: 14753467
  • Date of Birth: Jan 28, 2004
  • Sire: TC Forefront 1205
  • Dam: K F Evergreen Erica 1100
  • Description: (DECEASED)Our original Evergreen Erica. She was acquired from Marvin Kramer of Kramer Angus in Farina, IL from their featured cow line that is noted for low birth, growth and performance. She is now deceased due to a hip injury but produced multiple embryo daughters including donor K A Evergreen Erica 9905.

  • AAA Registration Number: 16404324
  • Date of Birth: Jan 21, 2009
  • Sire: N Bar Emulation EXT
  • Dam: K F Evergreen Erica 4402
  • Description: A daughter of K F Evergreen Erica 4402 and was the featured donor for our inaugural online heifer sale in 2014 featuring her daughters by Connealy Capitalist and EXAR Upshot. Her Upshot daughter produced a top selling Kramers Apollo daughter in our 2016 online heifer sale going to Troy Kwasniewski in South Dakota. Her Musgrave Foundation daughter produced a Kramers Apollo bull in 2016. Her 2016 bull by Mohnen South Dakota sold in our bull sale and her 2016 bull by Musgrave Black Loch is serving as a herdsire in our herd. Her 2017 embryo bull by Mohnen South Dakota sold in our 2018 bull sale and her 2018 embryo bull by SAV Sensation will sell in our 2019 bull sale. Currently working in the Eric Johnson herd in Maquon, IL.