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At Kiesewetter Anguswe raise quality Angus cattle for purebred, commercial or club calf producers who want sound, functional breeding stock that will improve udders, foot quality, fertility, quality and longevity.

View some of the Kiesewetter Angus Top Cows below as these cows are known for their maternal strength and outstanding udder quality.

  • AAA Registration Number: 17612027
  • Date of Birth: Feb 10, 2013
  • Sire: MCATL Pure Product 903-55
  • Dam: K A Lady Barbara 1009
  • Description: (DECEASED) A daughter of K A Lady Barbara 1009 and produced the first 2015 bull calf we sold by Musgrave Aviator. Her 20 progeny recorded in AHIR have topped our sales and produced in our herd. She is a carbon copy of her dam and has that classic Kiesewetter maternal look. Her 2018 daughter by SAV Resource K A Lady Barbara 825 is earning her way to our donor team based on her excellent offspring.

  • AAA Registration Number: 19225617
  • Date of Birth: Feb 15, 2018
  • Sire: SAV Resource 1441
  • Dam: K A Lady Barbara 314
  • Description: She is earning her spot in our herd with a featured 2020 bred heifer by Kramers Payweight 8007 in our 2021 sale and the first 2021 bull calf to sell by Bear Mtn Payweight 8825 to Charlie Braker from Alexander, IL. She has that classic Kiesewetter Angus maternal look with balanced EPD’s and exemplifies our “Optimums not Maximums” philosophy.

  • AAA Registration Number: 14753467
  • Date of Birth: Jan 28, 2004
  • Sire: TC Forefront 1205
  • Dam: K F Evergreen Erica 1100
  • Description: (DECEASED)Our original Evergreen Erica. She was acquired from Marvin Kramer of Kramer Angus in Farina, IL from their featured cow line that is noted for low birth, growth and performance. She is now deceased due to a hip injury but produced multiple embryo daughters including donor K A Evergreen Erica 9905.